• Church Licensing for The Chosen

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  • ACROSS Documentary

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    Experience ACROSS with your church, college or community group.
    Watch all four episodes (approximately 50 minutes each) at your discretion on a schedule that works for you. Access our special study guides to help facilitate healthy and fruitful conversations surrounding immigration.

    Filmed in Ho...

  • What Rhymes with Reason Movie + Bonus Content

    7 videos  |   Rent $189

    “A refreshing, family-friendly film, entertaining and enlightening! I highly recommend it for families with youth & kids.”
    - Dr. John Degarmo, Author, Media Expert

    Tragedy ignites a group of teens on a quest to find a legendary landmark hidden in the wilderness. Together, they navigate the ad...

  • Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist

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    Six months after millions of people disappeared in the Rapture, the world is just beginning to recover. When a so-called expert claims that a second wave of vanishings is imminent, news anchor Cameron Buck sets out to disprove her theory. On a parallel journey, Ray tries to convince his daughter ...

  • The Thorn

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    The Thorn is a visually dynamic and heart-stirring theatrical portrayal of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not your average Passion play, The Thorn combines martial arts, aerial acrobatics and emotionally powerful performances that have been engaging audiences across the US for ...